Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Country Hutch

Here is my clients hutch all finished......

Here is what it looked like before......

She didn't want it to be used for dishes anymore and wanted to use it in a guest bedroom / office.  She had other white pieces in the room so she knew she wanted it to be mostly white.  The other colors in the room were red, some blue and a soft gold.  We went with having gold inside the top of the hutch because it is a constant color in the rest of her house.  This way the piece could be moved to any room and fit in nicely.

I also suggested taking out the center door so that area would have a different look, and using Chicken Wire or Hex Mesh as it is now called ( I am aging myself here for sure, and you now know I grew up on a farm.....) in the other two doors.  I have never tried this before but I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do so.  Luckily the client agreed and I started my project.

I painted it white then did a very light distressing on the white.

I painted the soft gold and filled in the screw holes from the door I was not putting back on.

The "hex mesh" was another story.  I didn't realize how hard it would be to find the size I wanted.  Probably should have looked into that before suggesting it right?

Anyhow I did find some at Ace Hardware that was 1" (I would have liked 1/2" but that would have to have been ordered on-line and HEAVY,  shipping almost cost as much as the material!!)  Mr. Sensible was kind enough to help me with the install of the mesh.  Surprisingly it went in quite smoothly. We laid out the mesh and put the glass right down on top of the mesh to cut the wires.  As you can see there was a curve at the top (there were two pieces of wood which the glass slid up into)  so the mesh would have to slip into it as well,....hmmm that was a poser but with two people, the mesh was quite cooperative.  Once that was slid into place we laid the material down where that glass had laid and put the rubber strip back into place on the three straight sides.  I never thought this rubber stuff would go back in but it did with a little persuasion.  Easy peasy really!

We also changed out the hardware on the bottom,  filled in the holes from the handles and put on glass knobs.  The top doors got their old little knobs painted white, without the back plate. 

Colors for the white we used, Sherwin Williams Dover White and for the inside of the hutch we used Sherwin Williams Compatible Cream. They are on the same paint strip in the paint deck, a sure way to know the colors are going to work together. I did have these mixed at Home Depot in their Behr Premium Satin with the primer already in it!  (my favorite paint just in case you had not figured that out yet.)

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fresh Eggs

I have been doing some signs, I have found other blogs doing them and thought why not give them a try.  

Here is my result.

Let me tell you how I got to this point.  This piece of wood was at the shop where I volunteer.  It was old and dusty.  I painted it with Annie Sloans Old White Chalk paint.

I made the sign on my computer in Print Shop, old school I know.  Printed it out and taped it together where needed.  Then I placed it on the board and taped the pages down.  

 I then used Graphite Paper to transfer the pattern to the board.  I have mentioned this product before and it is VERY helpful in transferring any pattern you may have.  You can purchase it at Hobby Lobby or Michaels.  I have seen it in the Art dept.

 You slip this paper under your pattern dark side down and trace over your pattern.

 I used a red pen because then I can see where I have been.


 Pull the pattern up and there it is right on the board. 

Now comes the fun part.  Which is hand painting by filling in the letters. ;)
Here is what that looks like,  I know I am going to distress this so the painting does not have to be perfect.

 On to the distressing.  I used 120 grit sandpaper and lightly went over the whole thing, heavier in some areas for a more weathered look.  I then used a brown glaze and wiped it over the whole project then quickly wiped it off again. 

This is what it looked like inside probably a more accurate depiction  of the colors of the piece.

I just had to sit it outside by my only lovely blooming plants and take a picture..Have we mentioned how hot it is here in Atlanta with no rain?

Hope you like it, it is now for sale at Treasures Upscale Resale Consignment Shop .

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Cubbie Desk with Chalk Paint

This was an awesome find at a garage sale.

 It is also another trip into Chalk Paint Land.  I am really pleased with the way it sands off.  It looks so nice.  

Its pretty straight forward paint job.  I painted it Anne Slones Antique White Paint, sanded it off with a sponge block sander very gently.  I say gently because it comes off really easy compared to the latex that I have been used to using, so be careful.  I also changed out the handles to knobs that I got on sale at Restoration Hardware, which I think made the desk look much more dainty.

I put this in the store and it was a HOT item and sold in two days.  We of course are looking for more like it but they are hard to find.  
Aren't I fancy, I figured out how to add my blog name onto the photo!  
Hope you all have a great week!

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Fancy Chair

I had this chair that sat around for SO long ( like a year)  I started it way back when, which explains why there is no before picture.....  sorry.  I got the painting done then didn't know what to do with it as far as recovering it.  I started reading all the blogs and decided that I could do that!  So with upholstery fabric in hand and my wonderful air powered stapler.  I went to work.

 I used "gimp" I believe is what its called to hide ALL those staples! In a rich gold color.

But I didn't want it to be plain so I took my damask stencil and taped off quite a bit of it and stenciled on the chair back to jazz it up a bit.  I used a burnt umber color acrylic to do the stencil.

  Unfortunately I didn't do this when it was on the chair cause then it might have been centered....darn.   Heres the first picture so you can see what I mean.

  I thought the stencil was too high so I had to make a little pillow to off set the un-centered stencil. 

Note the Fancy Bullion Fringe that matches the "gimp"

So basically now the chair is just for looks cause no one could fit their booty on the chair...Oh well.  It looks cute and when I took it into the store to consign.  The Fancy Chair flew out the door that very day!!!  Yay!  

I was excited, the lady was going to use it in her bathroom at her vanity.  Hope she enjoys it.

Have a good week everyone!

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Printed Pillows

I learned from someone in Blog World that you could print on Fabric right on your printer!!  I was in awe.  I tried it and it actually worked.

First you get a piece of printer paper and then cut a piece of fabric to match the size of paper.

Spray the paper with a bit of tacky spray and press the fabric down.

Pick your design in this case it is two designs from Graphics Fairy .   I set the graphic to print at 80% cause I didn't want it real dark or crisp.

I printed on the really cheap fabric from Hobby Lobby.  Ombusn... something or other. "ossenburg"   Thanks Judy for leaving me a comment and fixing my spelling!  Its  it was like 3 something a yard.  I know not very informative, I am not much for details. Run that fabric right through the printer and you are done!!

I sewed the printed piece on the front of pillows I had cut from another decorator fabric I had on hand.   After the pillows were stitched  together and stuffed I sat and watched TV and pulled out the threads to make fringe around the printed piece.

All Done.  I am SO Happy with the way they turned out.

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