Sunday, February 15, 2009

Small Scale Armoire

The project for this week was a small scale armoire.
This one we painted black. Inside of the big doors are two drawers and cubies for sweaters or shirts. It was a cool piece cause of the wood it is made out of it distressed really nicely. I got some of the wood stain color to show through along with going down through the stain to the natural wood. Which when you hit the natural wood with the wax it runs it a really nice warm brown to copper color.

I wanted to show the stain part showing through.

It matched this low dresser I did in Oct. It was painted.............Red thats right. I never bloged about this one cause I didn't have a "before" picture, it sold quickly. Everyone seems to like red.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Merchandising the store

Perhaps some of you remember the red hutch that I did before Christmas. Well I want you to see just how amazing it can look. We have the most wonderful person that comes in and volunteers to merchandise (arrange) the store. It is an on going job because once she has an area set up and looking like you just want to curl up on the couch or bed, the stuff sells and she has to make up a new area using ONLY what we have in the store. Luckily we have lots of accessories and things to work with but it isn't always easy.

Here is a prime example:

Thank you Caroline, you make the pieces I paint look fantastic and people can really picture how everything might look in their homes.

The Next Great Piece

This piece was donated to us, it was one step away from the community charity store. It really wasn't in that bad of shape needed new glass shelves inside. But most of it was there. It is rather small scale. But not everyone has the New Huge houses that hold the huge pieces like the credenza below.

We painted it our favorite Yellow, distressed it and glazed it. I think it turned out really well and I am proud of it.

UPdate on the Credenza

Just an update on the credenza, it sold in one week. I put a piece of paper on the top with the measurements of the HUGE plasma TVs, like 52 inch up to 72 inch. Also put a picture from a retail store where they pictured 3 units shoved together (in red) to hold a huge TV. There were 2 people that had the piece on hold. Of course only one got it, but I am so glad someone did cause it was a great piece.

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