Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beautiful Old Bed

 This is a client piece that was brought in for me to paint.  It had been in her family for a long time.  She wanted it for her daughters room and thought maybe we could "do" something with it.....  Well yes I said we certainly could.

 She wanted crisp and clean so we went with Crisp Linen my go to white a Sherwin Williams color mixed at Home Depot in Behr paint with the primer. 

No distressing no glaze or colored wax.  Plain and simple.  I wish I could see it all done up in a little girls room with light pink and maybe a spring green thrown in as an accent.  I do envy all the people who paint things and then get to set them up in their homes and take beautiful pictures.  Mine are just "after" pictures....  Oh well I am sure a very pretty little girl is enjoying  pretty white bed right now.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Large Canvas was needed!

 My daughter moved into a new apartment a couple of weeks ago.  She had a bare wall that needed a large something. She liked this one below from Cost Plus World Market.  Find it here.  Needless to say I love her but the price was a little really high at a whopping $199.00. 

I did have a canvas that the store I volunteer at (Treasures Resale Consignment store in Roswell, Ga) had given me it was 36X48 and had an awful picture on it.  I said "I think I can make something with it for you sweetie".

So I did..............

 She hung it and said "Its perfect"  What more could a Mom want?

 Here it is hanging in her Apartment

Notice the pillow on the couch, the picture was to go with it.   The two walls that you can not see are painted the more olive/gold color in the pillow.    

I do believe her dog approves as well.  That is his favorite spot in the whole place.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

AGED and AGE placemats

I had to try another non furniture painting project, place-mats.  

I got the place-mats at a thrift store for a dollar. There were 6 of them but they were stark white like blinding white.  I mixed up a pan of really hot water with a couple of tea bags and threw the place-mats in.  Yay, nice tan place-mats!

I am really loving the French influence lately so I thought I would put numbers on them.  I found a font I liked on line and enlarged them to the size I wanted.  Then I cut my own stencil with a little burning thingy ( I guess that would be an electric stencil cutter) from Hobby Lobby.  Worked pretty well I might add. 

Taped down the mat, then the stencil on top and used my brushes to add the paint.

 The 74 was a trial to see how the process would work.  

 Now for the explanation of the title of the blog. 

Well the first part is because I aged the place-mats with the tea.  The second part was that I used the ages of the people living in the house with me.
Here they are.....and.... I might have fudged on my age by a few...... well okay a lot of years. ;)  (Hey, don't judge I liked being 42 I think I will stay that age!)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Old Wardrobe gets a Redesign

This wonderful old piece was DONATED to us at the store. Treasures Resale (non profit) Consignment Store Roswell, GA  Can you believe it.....?  We have some wonderful people that believe in the store and all we do.  We really appreciate all the love.

 It needed SO much work.  It was rather unstable, probably cause the back wasn't all there.  One of the doors wouldn't stay shut.  It needed some scraping with all the chipped paint..... but all in all it turned out really nice I think.

 It was painted a Behr color called Verdigris,  then we dry brushed a bit of the Crisp Linen on the high points, and the curves of the feet.

The crackle is still there I wanted to put a glaze on it as I thought the crackle would show up more, but was vetoed by "the cat".  You all may remember her from here and here andhere :)  We will see what happens, if it doesn't sell we can always put that glaze on it later.  I will keep you posted and if the glaze goes on will put up another picture. 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Little Blue Dresser

Like the little engine that could.  This little dresser thought she could, knew she could be something special.  I agreed, and Got a little "Miss Mustard Seed" with her. 

Here she is when we got her into the shop.  Very pretty or at least she had potential for sure.

I wanted to try a Grey and White color combination as I have seen so many of you do.

I painted the whole piece the Grey color.  Then put a coat of clear wax over the whole thing.  After that was dry I painted the drawers and the inset sides a white.  I also took a dry brush with white and dry brushed the raised parts of the backboard.  I then distressed the piece with Grey showing through the white areas.  A colored wax then went on over the whole piece.


 I kept the original hardware, I thought it was pretty and went so well with the backboard design.

I even tried my hand at staging it since I painted this one at home and am taking it back to the shop.

The little blue dresser was very happy again.  Now hopefully she will find a new home very soon.

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