Friday, September 18, 2009

Little Girls Bedroom - Chest of Drawers

I am really excited to show my latest project.

I "Redesigned" This old chest of drawers for a very fashion forward 8 year old girls bedroom. Her mom found this chest at Treasures and the girl had picked out a bedspread that had a white background with lots of different colored polka dots. She wanted to highlight the lime green and purple colors. Her mom picked out the blue crystal knobs.... and we were off and running.

Because of the blue knobs the holes from the old handles had to be filled. Well I filled one of the holes from each handle and used the other hole to put in the new knobs. The chest was painted white then I used a wash of the lime green to outline the edges of the case piece. The corners the the divides between the drawers.

The swirls were homage to the polka dots but in a softer way.

The top got a little different accent with a 'Line Dot Dot" in purple then one in lime green.

AND the feet got a special treatment with a wash of Purple!

The girl was in with the mom and both grandmas to see it just before I finished it and she was SO excited she couldn't wait to take it home which they will be doing tomorrow.

It was a fun and rewarding project to do!!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2 months later..........

Well I am sorry for the long delay. 2 months, wow time has flown by... we moved into our house on May 29th and I have been busy unpacking and decorating. I have gotten back to Treasures 2 days a week and have some new projects to share.

Here is a sweet little bedroom set, dresser, nightstand, and mirror. As you can see it was rather colorful.

A close up of the nightstand.

We painted them Yellow it is the same yellow that we always use. Ussually we put a dark brown over the yellow this time we used a white glaze. It made it really pale yellow with a white glaze it turned out really pretty.

We also changed out the handles, the others seemed to really date the piece. One of our previous volunteers has come back to help out and she painted this really cute headboard that we already had on the floor to match. The whole set turned out really nice and didn't last on the floor long before it was sold..

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer.

Till next time


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Break is over for a bit

It has been a long break. I spent time in WI helping my mom get her house ready to sell. Stripping Wallpaper, Painting and rearranging furniture. Was hard work but fun. Then came back to Atlanta for one day and drove to St. Augustine FL to Pack the house onto a truck. I have been back at the store for one week and I have to admit its hard to get back into the swing of things. We close on our house here in Alpharetta on the 29th of May so............... my mind will be elsewhere for awhile longer...Please stay with me and I promise new projects will start to appear here and in the store soon.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Taking a Break

I want to thank everyone who came to my painting presentation on Thursday night. It went very well I thought, and I hope everyone felt they got some good information.

I know I told you there would be a new post once a week but, if you read my left side information we were trying to sell our house in Florida.....Good news we have a contract! yay So for the next 3 weeks I will be in Florida getting the house ready to move to Atlanta.

So please take a look back at some of the previous projects and enjoy.

I thank everyone for their support and kind words.

Will be back in a few weeks.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What to do with the old TV cabinet?

We had this piece on the floor for quite some time. It held a TV of course. The first thing we did to it was get a thin piece of wood to cover the cut out in the back of the cabinet. Then added a shelf so it could be used for storage. It holds a lot of stuff. But it didn't sell.....

so we decided to paint it. We painted it a stately black and put it back out on the floor. But it still didn't sell........ hmmmm so.............

We painted it again after all it is just paint, this time it was painted a taupe on the case and a lighter taupe on the panels of the doors. Then we added stencils in taupe, off white and tan.

Then we distressed it, which made the black show through and the oak color of the original piece

We shall see what happens this time around. I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ornate Coffee Table

This poor coffee table sat on the floor for over 4 months. No one wanted it. We painted it off white and distressed it by hand.

Then put a nice glaze on it and wax. Looks quite smashing!
Hard to believe it is the same piece.

Another view

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wonderful Dresser

This week we had a beautiful piece to work on. It was in pretty good shape when we bought it for 75 dollars. It has carving on it which was all there. All the hardware was still on it, which is unusual and it was really pretty hardware always a plus.

Here is the before picture

Notice the nice rope around the bottom with fluting on each side and carving at the top and the bottom and of course the beautiful swag on the top drawer in the center.

Here is the After Picture

We painted the case of the piece a taupe color. The side panels and the drawers were painted a light tan. Then the details were distressed by hand with sand paper then everything was rubbed with Antique Pine Paste wax.

This is what it looked like after our very creative Decorator got her hands on it.
This is Thursday lets see how long it lasts on the floor. The end of the month is just a few days away I am sure the store would like for it to sell pronto!!

Update April 1st : SOLD for 450.00 in 4 days.
A great feeling that someone liked it as much as I did.
More detail pictures.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Cabbage Roses

It was another creative week at Treasures Resale. I had a wonderful time doing another headboard. Items seem to come in bunches one time we had lots of chandeliers come in. Next its couches now it is headboards. This one was very plain but with a little paint and a few hours of creativity I am very proud of the end result.

Update on Spring around the corner

The headboard from last week made it into the window! Yay

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring is just around the corner!

Last week I got some time to be creative. It was a real joy. I had a headboard, it was white. I forgot to take the picture before I painted it, Pink with Lime Green posts. That I do have a picture of ;)

I was stumped with what to do with it after that................then I had some inspiration. We received a girls bedding set. It was pink and lime green and had daisys on it.....ta da!! I was inspired..

To add a touch of whimsy I added a small daisy on the inside of the foot board so when the little person wakes up in the morning she can sit up and see this cute little daisy looking back at her.

Then to do the other side of the foot board. We realized that when the mattress is put on the bed the grass won't show all that much so we painted the grass on the foot board

When I was done the store decided that we needed some spring in the window and that is where it ended up. Spring is just around the corner after all.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yellow is a popular color!

We also did a yellow corner cabinet this week. I unfortunatly don't have a before picture of this but it turned out really well. It was a very light color, and it really wasn't wood it was just pressed boards. We painted it yellow and then distressed it. You never know how well the piece will distress, this piece went VERY well. as you can see in the pictures the exposed wood took the glaze very nicely and it sanded down really well too. I was really pleased.

We also did a set of 6 chairs, 4 regular chairs and 2 with arms. Painted you guessed it Yellow then no distressing because these didn't distress well at all. The exposed wood just wouldn't take the glaze. Anyway they were painted then glazed and we also changed out the fabric on the seats.

It is sitting next to the table we did the week before.

Something a bit different

This week I had the opportunity to do something a little different. Because we have consignment items,, we got in a fireplace screen that was painted, then left where one panel had gotten LOTS of sun. It had actually bleached out the color. We sold it, if we could restore the color to the one panel. Here are the before and after pictures.

The customer was very pleased with the results and happily took it home to enjoy.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Small Scale Armoire

The project for this week was a small scale armoire.
This one we painted black. Inside of the big doors are two drawers and cubies for sweaters or shirts. It was a cool piece cause of the wood it is made out of it distressed really nicely. I got some of the wood stain color to show through along with going down through the stain to the natural wood. Which when you hit the natural wood with the wax it runs it a really nice warm brown to copper color.

I wanted to show the stain part showing through.

It matched this low dresser I did in Oct. It was painted.............Red thats right. I never bloged about this one cause I didn't have a "before" picture, it sold quickly. Everyone seems to like red.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Merchandising the store

Perhaps some of you remember the red hutch that I did before Christmas. Well I want you to see just how amazing it can look. We have the most wonderful person that comes in and volunteers to merchandise (arrange) the store. It is an on going job because once she has an area set up and looking like you just want to curl up on the couch or bed, the stuff sells and she has to make up a new area using ONLY what we have in the store. Luckily we have lots of accessories and things to work with but it isn't always easy.

Here is a prime example:

Thank you Caroline, you make the pieces I paint look fantastic and people can really picture how everything might look in their homes.

The Next Great Piece

This piece was donated to us, it was one step away from the community charity store. It really wasn't in that bad of shape needed new glass shelves inside. But most of it was there. It is rather small scale. But not everyone has the New Huge houses that hold the huge pieces like the credenza below.

We painted it our favorite Yellow, distressed it and glazed it. I think it turned out really well and I am proud of it.

UPdate on the Credenza

Just an update on the credenza, it sold in one week. I put a piece of paper on the top with the measurements of the HUGE plasma TVs, like 52 inch up to 72 inch. Also put a picture from a retail store where they pictured 3 units shoved together (in red) to hold a huge TV. There were 2 people that had the piece on hold. Of course only one got it, but I am so glad someone did cause it was a great piece.

Monday, January 19, 2009


This is an amazingly huge (90") credenza. It is as heavy as it is large. But it will turn into a wonderful console for a Huge Flat screen!

I painted it our favorite red, with accents of black on the far left where the components will go, and I painted black inside the center behind the doors.
The hardware is wonderful and will show up great when they are painted oil rubbed bronze.

This is it. I am so proud it was a sad and lonely piece no one really wanted it or had a vision for it. We have had two clients already put it on hold and I am hoping that when I go in on Tuesday, it will have sold.

Our store is in trouble in these troubled times. We have had to close an extra day, now we are closed Sunday and Monday. Hopefully things will turn around with the new year. We can all hope.

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