Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Nursery for Baby

I had the wonderful opportunity to create this beautiful nursery for my Grandson.

His Mom had been searching Pinterest and found these two pictures of ideas that she wanted to incorporate into the room.

She wanted the tree with the little shelves for little books.

And this one from  Frugal With a Flourish We made some modifications to her instructions but you get the idea.

With our ideas in hand we were off to the races!

I bought myself a overhead projector off of Craigslist.  I have always wanted one!  This was the perfect reason to have one.  I used it to project the tree onto the wall at the appropriate size.

Then I traced it out and started painting.   There were three colors of green that coordinated with the fabric that was picked for the room.  And of course the Orange for the Owl!

I painted everything solid then went back on the leaves and made the polka dots and stripes as you can see I used blue painters tape to mask off the edges of the tree and the stripes.

We even added the little shelves that match the tree branches so little books and animals can sit there.

Then it was on to the bookcase wall.  Mr. Sensible made 5 shelves out of 1x6 and we put an edge on them so the books and book characters would not fall off.  We painted them white and attached them to the wall with angle brackets painted to match the wall where they were attached and white to match the shelves.

The new mom also found this changing table on Craigslist.  We brought it home and painted it white too!

Then we built the shelves around the changing table

I mentioned the fabric.  Here it is.....


The new mom wanted it to have a library feel so she found this fabric from Fabricworm that looks like shelves with books on them you can just see the spines of the books.  The books were shades of Green and Orange.  I used this fabric to make a valance for the room. I used solid Orange for accents on the Valance.

 We also found a Glider at a Consignment Store and painted it white.  I used the library fabric to  cover the cushions.  Orange on one side and print on the other.

I also covered the changing pad in the orange.

One last item was a couple of sayings on the wall.  

In keeping with the library theme..... we put Once Upon a Time on the wall.  I used my Silhouette to cut the stencil.


I believe it is all set for the new little baby....

I couldn't have said it better ;)

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