Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dresser From Patties Surplus

This dresser came from a thrift store in South Carolina,  I really liked it, Mr. Sensible was having a hard time with my "vision"  I convinced him to go ahead and get it anyway.  Love it when he says "well if you think it will work, I can make it"  YES!!

My thought was since it only had ONE top drawer could we possible cut it in half and make two out of it?  Why yes we could do that.  It was a really big drawer.  So Mr. Sensible took the front off of the drawer and cut it in half.  Then he remade that drawer to fit and made another drawer for the other half of the front piece.  Redesigned the whole top of the dresser to hold two drawers and have an open middle with a flat bottom to hold your TV components.

Then we painted it black and distressed it.  As you can see the drawer we cut in half was rounded with lots of grooves in it so distressing was really distinct. 

We took it to Treasures Resale Consignment Store and it SOLD  Yay!!

Have a great weekend we are off to Florida on a Picking Trip!


Monday, January 27, 2014

Hall Tree from a Methodist Church in Town

This piece was found at a yard sale held at a Methodist Church.  It was in really good condition except for its color.

We painted it Sherwin Williams Crisp Linen my go to white color.  distressed it added different hooks and took it to the store for Resale.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Is it a Desk or is it a Vanity?

We found this piece in Tennessee the interesting thing about this is that non of the top "drawers" open? 

Mr. Sensible sanded down the top and we stained it.  A look I especially like.
I painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Old White,  then heavily distressed it.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Our Old Pine Hutch

 We have had this hutch for about 5 years in this location off of the dining area and I finally convinced Mr. Sensible that it should be painted.  Only took a year or so ;)

I painted it with one coat of Annie Sloan chalk paint in White and I must add that I used a chip brush to do the painting.  I have previously used a regular paint brush and have found (just like Annie Sloan instructions tell you, the chip brush works just as well and doesn't waste nearly as much paint.)  I then sanded it off.  SO pleased with the way it turned out.

 I thought that some of the wood showing through would be a good idea so I didn't paint the top of the chest or the tongue and groove in the back.

 It was a rather rough sawn piece so when it was sanded we got some nice textures.

 I am now in the process of finding some Ironstone platters and dishes to fill it up ala Miss Mustard Seed.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Small Scale French Armoire

 Check out this little number!!  We found it in South Georgia.  Some little girl had it I'm sure.  Just guessing cause of the Aqua shinny fabric with sequins on it in the opening of the door.  The other insert was there just not attached.  Someone had cut out the inside of the upper part.  We think it was drawers by the looks of the inside parts that were left.  Mr. Sensible took part in a major Redesign of the interior.  We also got rid of the Aqua fabric ;)

 We put burlap over the inserts instead of the shinny Aqua fabric.  Painted it my favorite color Sherwin Williams Crisp Linen.

 Here was Mr. Sensible's handy work,  We added a back of course and took out the mess that was inside and added a shelf.


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