Monday, May 21, 2012


 Last week I showed you how I used Gesso to change up some Decorative items  here . Using Villibarnes technique check her out here.

Now I am going to show you how it turned out on some frames I came by.


I received these wonderful frames from a couple we are friends with in Florida. 
Aren’t they just beautiful?  Unfortunately no one wants large gold frames anymore.  Not at the store I see my things at anyway.  What to do, what to do.

You may remember my post about the Old World technique I used on my decorative pieces I wrote about here.
Villibarnes does a lot of frames as well and well why not give it another try.

First thing I did was paint them in the grey color.  I don’t believe my grey is as dark as the one she uses. 
I let that dry.   The next step is to paint it all over with Gesso.  This time I thinned down the Gesso it was much easier to get the Gesso into all the little crevasses that way.  I also did only one side at a time thinking that the Gesso might dry to quickly. I used a t-shirt material this time to wipe off the Gesso.  It worked a little better than the cheese cloth I used the first time I tried this technique.
IMG_0943 IMG_0846Here is the frame that is not so ornate.
I really like the technique because  the finish is a real dry look.  Almost like stone.

Here is another one that I did and I added a Chalk Board into the frame.  This one is much larger than the others.  This measure where the chalkboard is at 20x24.  Good size.
All for sale at Treasures Resale Consignment Store, Roswell GA

Have a great week everyone.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Fleur De Lis


These two pieces have been around my house awhile.  They were actually on their way out the door to Goodwill when I saw this picture in my email inbox. They are from DECOR STEALS formerly WUSLU.

HMMM  I had also seen this blog post by Villabarnes.  She told how she uses Gesso to make things look “old world”  Well the stars just aliened for me and I gave it a try.
I painted them a grey that I had on hand.   Let that dry.
photo(8) Then went at it with my Gesso in white. Just painted right over the grey then wiped it right off I used cheese cloth you could use T-shirts.
TA DA!!  They may have been too shiny because some of the grey paint came off as well when I went to wipe off the Gesso.  I think it looks okay though with the red and green peeking through.

new items 202
Not too bad for a first try… 

More to come on this technique..

I am partying over at :Elizabeth and CO.
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Remember This?

I had worked so hard on it,  I put Annie Sloans Duck Egg and Louis Blue on it and distressed it then waxed it with clear and dark wax... I wrote about it here.

Someone bought it Hooray!!  AND now it looks like this.................

Before that, it looked like this.below..........Because they didn't want any of that blue/green showing through their pretty yellow........sand sand and more sanding....grateful that it was chalk paint.  I did make my own Yellow Chalk Paint though, because they had bought two other pieces from the shop that had been painted yellow so this was to match.

Mixing the plaster of paris into the paint worked surprisingly well.

So dear readers I ask you which do you prefer?  I know which one I like better let me know what you think.




Have a great week,

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