Thursday, February 28, 2013

She was Pink and Orange

She was from our trip to Nashville, someone had decided that pink and orange were a good color combination.  Well maybe 10 years ago.  I thought I could calm her down a bit and also add some interest.


We took the back off for easier painting.  I painted her black, then we found some wrapping paper in a modern Black and White print, we sprayed the back with Super 77 spray glue and covered the back with the wrapping paper.

Good as new!

Have a great day!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Old Chippy Door

So we found this door at a Door Warehouse in downtown Atlanta.  It didn't have any glass, BUT it did have this wonderful green chippy paint on it.  Winning!

Mr. Sensible began by adding what was soon to be a bench onto the front of it.  Also added arms and a space underneath for baskets or boots.

 I began by painting it lots of colors then distressing the bench part and adding a glaze to make it look old and worn like the door.  We also added chicken wire to the door where the glass used to be.

 I had purchased these cute little hooks about a year ago when I was redoing my office.  I never used them but thought they looked rather cute on the door for your hats or coats to hang from.

 We added clothes pins to hold things onto the wire.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Furniture for a College Girl

This blog is about some furniture I was asked to paint for a girl who was on her way to college for the first time.  Mom was trying to make the room very cottage chic on a budget.  Just what I like to hear, its what I specialize in. 

 First we took an old dresser painted it white and added new pulls from Hobby Lobby.  The pulls were iron so I sprayed them first with a spray primer because Latex paint and iron don't mix.  I believe there would be rust involved. After the spray paint dried I painted them with the paint I painted the dresser with.  Two coats..... then distressed a bit.

Next came a mirror to go over the top,  It was plastic so painting a distressing just would not do, nothing like sanding down to plastic, not real attractive.  I painted it brown first then painted it Anne Sloans Old White Chalk Paint.  Distressed it very gently so we would go down just to the brown paint.  Worked like a charm  It only took 3 attempts to get it to match the dresser.

 Here is the chair she chose to use

 I painted it white and distressed it.  I also reupholstered the seat to go with her color scheme.

 Here is the table she picked to use as a desk.

 I painted it a custom color she had mixed to match a door knob she found a Michaels as her inspiration piece.  I distressed it as well and used a dark wax on it.

Was in such a hurry to deliver that I didn't get a shot of the finished table. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Desk for the Week

 Here is a desk and chair I found a a garage sale a while back.  It is made of pine but very sturdy.

Here is what it looked like when I started.

The desk was in good condition but the chair needed some sanding on the seat.

I painted the desk black and left the knobs Natural.  I painted the chair black and left the rungs at the back natural.

 I distressed the edges and put a clear wax on the desk and chair.  I put Poly in a Satin finish on the top of the desk and the seat of the chair.

Have a great week,

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