Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Just wanted to share Halloween wishes with all my followers. We live off the beaten path so you guys are the only ones who will see my display. No trick or treaters for us (also means no candy :( boo).  

The first picture is of my daughters dog a couple of weeks ago when he was visiting. 

The second picture was taken last night, we added the cat bag filled with leaves and the small black cat Mr. Sensible cut out of wood for me.  Then carved the pumpkins.

Tricks and Treats for Everyone!!  Enjoy the day!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Painting Assistant

I want to share with everyone one of my awesome assistant.  Mr. Sensible came home with this one day. It has helped me out in my painting, especially when I have to paint chairs. 

photo(5)I am not sure what it was for but it goes up and down just like an office chair and swivels,  it is a triangle, so for a chair I have to put boards on it to fit the legs.  But now all I have to do is stand in one place the chair is at the prefect height for me, and I can swivel the chair to paint all sides.  It is the best!!



Here is is with a sneak peek at my next project.

I just wanted to share, if any of you run across one of these I suggest you pick it up.  It makes painting hard to reach places so much easier, no more crawling around on the floor or bending over.

Have a great week!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Old Pine Desk

This desk was found at my local thrift store.  Which has been very good to me actually.  I have found some really good pieces there.  Just takes persistence I guess.

It started out like this when I found it.

It is all pine and has no nails to speak of in it.  Except to attach the molding around the bottom.  I guess that is so the wood can expand and contract as pine is wanting to do.  I didn’t care for the hardware on it so that came off and I filled the holes from them because I wanted to put just pulls on it with a center hole. 

I have used this color combination before, you can see it here.  Its a really soft off white called Country Beige  and the darker color is Barefoot Beach both by Olympic.

I painted the new knobs the light color after first painting them with Annie Sloans old white, thought the paint might stick better. 

There was no distressing or colored wax put on this piece.  I did put a clear wax on the sides and drawers and a poly on the top.
Have a great week everyone!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bench that was a Bed!

At first it was a REALLY OLD bed then it broke.  It ended up at the thrift store for 5 dollars.  I found it and thought from reading other blogs  found here , that Mr. Sensible and I could surely do this.

Here is what it looked like when I found it all sad and lonely.
This is a picture of just how broken it was.  Where the side rail should go was completely destroyed.
Here is how it looked in progress.

You can clearly see the “new wood” and where it was added.
Here is the finished product.


  It turned out really well painted white then distressed.  If you were wondering this is a full size bed.  Which no one seems to want anymore and works perfectly for this application!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Grandmas Antique Chest

This Chest was found at our local thrift store.  I admit I paid about twice what I would normally pay for a piece of furniture to paint but I really loved this piece.  I thought about keeping it.
Copy of DSC05388
Its beautiful wood, its low to the ground, it would make a great place for a Flat Screen.  The hardware is all there! 
We thought the top was good enough to keep, so we sanded it down and  put on just a clear sealer. 
Then the rest was painted Annie Sloans Chalk Paint in Duck Egg then Louis Blue a little here a little there not real consistent as you can see.  

DSC05486  DSC05484
Then came the sanding and distressing.  After that we waxed it with clear then dark wax. 
Hope you enjoy my project of the week.

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