Monday, March 26, 2012

Double Dresser

Here is another piece from our trip to Florida,

This is what it looked like before.....I painted it my go to black,  Home Depots Behr "Black Forever". It goes on looking almost dark blue but dries a true black.  This dresser had a Formica top which I painted first with Chalk paint then with the black forever thinking that chalk paint is suppose to stick to everything then I could paint over it and that layer would stick.  NOT SO!  didn't work, so had to scrape off all the black paint both layers and leave it with a wood grain top.  Didn't look half bad and has already sold at the store.

Have a great week,

Monday, March 19, 2012

We Hosted a Bridal Shower

This past week I have been busy doing something besides painting furniture….

My daughter and I threw a bridal shower for her good friend. This is our entrance the colors were hot pink and pink. Theme was Love Birds.

IMG_0694Here we are just inside the front door.  The banner has the last name of the future couple our invitations had Love Birds on them.

showerinviteThis is just a sample of the invite names, date etc. not for realz.

  I used my Silhouette to cut EVERYTHING it was amazing and fun.  I cut the letters, the hearts (3 sizes) and the love birds (two sizes).  I put a tree branch in an old watering can and put two love birds on the branch then hung little hearts from the branch.  Under the branch we had a large basket from Pier 1 holding little pots of Begonias that I had wrapped in pink tissue and Pink cellophane from JoAnnes Easter section. I put a rubber band around the top of the pot and put a stick with three hearts in each pot.  These were the “Thank you for Coming” take away gift.
We played the clothes pin game “Please take one the buzz word is Wedding”.  This is before the bride and groom pictures arrived… We did not throw a party for the couple in the frame that came from target ;)

Here is our Mantle, I made the banner with the brides and grooms name on it.  Strung it with hot pink ribbon.  My daughter made the hot pink poofs and brought the frames for the bride and groom pictures.


Here is the coffee table with the first flower arrangement I made and  a picture frame with the same couple from Target...


Hydrangeas came from our local Kroger, Hot Pink Carnations from Target I was thrilled to find those and pale pink roses from Sams Club.

Here is our table, it was a brunch, there was a breakfast casserole, mini quiches, fruit and yogurt dip, cheese, spinach and artichoke dip, crackers and nuts.


I had this birdcage, I wanted those flowers inside the cage but do you see how little that door is?  My hand did fit through it but those flowers were not going to…. I had to knock out the bottom of the cage and then set the flowers and their water soaked floral foam inside of the cage.


We set it on a box and covered it with a pink scarf to give the table scape lift and levels, and added a sweet pair of love birds and candles.

I made these cute little cards for all the labels.  Silhouette again little birds and very little wings! I cut the shapes, white and hot pink with the Silhouette as well.


I scored these cute little heart gum drops after Valentines day at Hobby Lobby, we used them to hold up the cards. When I glued the white card to the hot pink one I left the bottom open so I could slide the toothpick in-between them after I put a bit of hot glue on it.  They were cinnamon flavor and I had a HARD time not eating all of them before the party!  So good and yet so bad for you..


My daughter made the cupcakes, they were white cake with strawberry whipped cream filling. She tinted the white frosting pink, cut a strawberry and put it on the top.  They were delicious.  Funny side note, they sat in the window and the ones in the back facing the sun faded back to white frosting?


Another flower arrangement….

The bride and the cupcake maker!


We had a bit of fun after the party with my daughters dog, he needed to wear the party favor…..have to love that Pomeranian ..

Have a good week everyone.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Little French Dresser

Another find from Panama City Fl.  The French Dresser.  She is not a match to the desk but a companion.  Also has a laminate top which I left alone. 

I painted her Crisp Linen, a Sherwin Williams color mixed in Home Depot Behr paint with primer.  Painted it all, even the hardware.  She needed new glides as well.  Those darn plastic things do not hold up!

A bit of distressing not too much, clear wax, a bit of "Rub n Buff on the handles and  off to the shop she went.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Little Chair, Little Chair

On our way back from Florida we came up through Alabama.  That was fun.  We found a Habitat for Humanity Resale store.  Got some good finds there and was fun in this big warehouse with real dim light picking through stuff.  We found this little chair....

I had so many ideas for it...... the little chair kept talking to me and didn't seem to want to go in the same direction as I wanted it to go.....  Mr. Sensible sanded down the seat for me.  Then I painted it ASCP Old White.  Distressed it and used clear and dark wax.   Simple sometimes is the best.
Here it is in the store.......Ready for Easter!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Little Plane

I found this little plane at the local Thrift Store.  5 bucks couldn't go wrong with that right?
It was pine with a natural finish like they did about 20 years ago all country and all.

I forgot to take a before picture sorry.

We had a Bi plane rocker for a small child at the store for sale.

They said it was Bellini I guess that is a manufacturer.  Fancy

Here is my plane it can be hung on the wall and used as a little book shelf.

Can't go wrong with Primary Colors!!

Have a great week!

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Low Country REDO

a redo

This is my redo of the low chest I wrote about perhaps two weeks ago HERE. I brought it home and painted it a different color.
To recap this is what it looked like when we found it in South Alabama.


This is what it looked like when I painted it such a pretty Chalk Paint Paris Grey. Two watermarks classy... and I am too lazy to fix it...sorry

Low Chest(13)W

I took it to the store and it Did……Not…….Sell…………….I brought it home and this is what it looks like now.

a redo
I took it back to the store Saturday,  they assured me it would sell now……
We shall see. Someone suggested that I paint it with a dry brush white, I tried to do that but I have a rather heavy hand with the dry brush I am afraid, so…

I painted Old White Chalk Paint over the Paris Grey, one coat and sanded it down.  Then I put clear wax and then Dark Wax on it some areas. 

I must say that painting over a piece that is already waxed and then sanding down is a different look.  I think I like it….it has a chippy look as apposed to painting one color then painting another color then sanding.

Try it sometime you might be pleasantly surprised.

I woke at 4 am this morning and realized that I didn’t put those little brass key guards on it when I took it back…oopsie

Perhaps it will sell so quickly that I won’t have time to get back and put them on..One can hope right?

Have a great week…

Friday, March 2, 2012

Little French Desk

On our trip into Panama City we found 5 count them 5 Goodwill Stores, as I mentioned before in this post.  It was so nice of them to put those stores on the city map!!  Saved so much time.

She needed all new drawer guides.  Home Depot carries them no problem.  I repainted her in Crisp linen, she had a laminate top so I did not paint that just left it white. I also painted the handles with a dry brush of ASCP in Old White.   I distressed some of the highlights and put a clear wax in her.

She went to Treasures, did not last long.  I love finding "French" stuff, it sells.... unlike some of my other finds when I try to paint outside the box.  Will be working on my Low Country Chest today, I am thinking white.

Have a good weekend!

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