Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tv Cabinet into a Wine bar

 We found this TV cabinet on our trip to Florida.  Mr. Sensible wanted a project transforming one into a Wine bar.  He figures there must be some use for all of these filling our Thrift Stores.

 We took out the turntable that held the TV. We also took the back off of it. 

 See where that door opens down right below where the TV went  we decided to put a butcher block pull out shelf to mix drinks on.

Mr. Sensible made this butcher block himself using custom Oak strips with Walnut accent strips.

 Here it is without its back.  You can see at the top we added slots to hang wine glasses.  Mr. Sensible has a router bit that cuts these quite nicely.  Below the opening we put the butcher block in we put racks for Wine bottles.

14 wine bottles and below that there is space for Liqour bottles and other accesories.

 We painted it black and distressed it inside and out.

 We put a mirror in the back to make everything sparkle and added a light in the top.  We also added holders on each side of the cabinet.

Here it is in all its glory....

Took it to Treasures Resale Consignment Store in Roswell, GA  It is SOLD!! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Drop Leaf Table with Gate Legs

 This is from our trip to Florida,  It doesn't look too bad on this side but if you look closely the "leaf" on the other side was broken right off.   It just had split, and needed a fix.

 Mr. Sensible did the fix for me, he is amazing... So helpful.

 I painted it with Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint in Ironstone.  It was my second attempt at this paint and it worked much better than my first attempt.  I think because I mixed it much longer than the first time I tried it.

I took it to Treasures Resale Consignment store and it sold!!  Yay


Monday, June 10, 2013

Mahogany Door

 This door was from our Picking trip.  Its a beautiful Mahogany Door.  The paint was not applied properly so it was literally pealing off.  Notice the Carving in the middle SO pretty.

 We decided to make this into a corner shelf. We cut it down the middle then attached one back to the other it went together beautifully everything matched up so well.  We added an old iron door handle.  We also added another shelf at the bottom.  Sorry no pictures of that.  It sold before I remembered to take a picture.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Paris Chest

From our trip to Florida,  We found this little chest.  It was pretty worn and beat up.  Plus it had Tigers on it!!  Kind of past its prime.

 I have seen this technique done a few times on Pinterest.  Here is a wonderful example from A Vie Renouvele.

I found a poster at Michaels that almost fit on the front of the chest.    I then painted the chest and its drawers black.  Then took out the drawers, layed them right next to each other top to bottom and put  mod podged all over the drawer fronts. I then layed down the poster on top of the drawers and flattened it out.  Not real easy cause they are curved.  I got all the wrinkles out and let it dry.   Then I put another coat of Mod Podge on top of it.  I cut the drawers apart with a utility knife and trimmed the edges.  I put the drawers back in and added the hardware back on. 

Its quite small as you can see I took the picture against a door and it didn't come up to the middle of the door.

Have a great week everyone!


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