Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sold in 5 hours!!!

This weary piece was found at our local thrift store for 35 dollars. It had wonderful potential and is solid mahogany.
I cleaned it up and glued some areas. Then painted the case a very dark brown, the drawers and a part of the top aqua blue. When that was dry I stenciled with a tan and Ivory overlay.
When the stenciling was dry I put a glaze over the top. Waxed it and put the hardware back on. This a picture of it out on the floor. We put it out at noon and it sold for 495.00 by 5pm the same day!!! It is a beautiful piece and I hope the people that bought it enjoy it as much as I enjoyed painting it. What a wonderful way to give an old piece a whole new life.


  1. Congrats Mom! That is SO super exciting! xoxo ...once again I can't wait to have my own house and have such a fabulous personal decorator!

  2. That turned out beautifully! You are so talented.


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