Saturday, December 13, 2008

twas just before christmas so the furniture had to be RED

My piece of the week. It is an old pine hutch two pieces. We did a bit of distressing before we even started. It had some nics and dings so a few more were called for, nothing like swinging a hammer to get the frustrations out!

As I stated its just before Christmas and the piece I did this week needed to be red. It seems to sell very well also. Heres hoping.

We took the doors off of the top part it seemed a little dated with them on there. It really is a beautiful piece. Its painted red then we distressed it some more with sandpaper. Put a dark brown glaze over the red to tone down the brightness of the red, this also highlighted the sanded areas making them very dark almost black. We also painted the hardware to a dark oil rubbed bronze finish.

I am excited and I have to share.... as a Christmas present to myself, I am taking a faux painting class here in Atlanta this coming Friday. We are to learn different finishing techniques such as French antiquing, distressing and random crackle. I am looking forward to learning new things that I can bring back to the shop and to my clients.

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  1. That chest looks so "farmhouse chic" mom! I'm excited for you and your class! Love you.


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