Friday, September 18, 2009

Little Girls Bedroom - Chest of Drawers

I am really excited to show my latest project.

I "Redesigned" This old chest of drawers for a very fashion forward 8 year old girls bedroom. Her mom found this chest at Treasures and the girl had picked out a bedspread that had a white background with lots of different colored polka dots. She wanted to highlight the lime green and purple colors. Her mom picked out the blue crystal knobs.... and we were off and running.

Because of the blue knobs the holes from the old handles had to be filled. Well I filled one of the holes from each handle and used the other hole to put in the new knobs. The chest was painted white then I used a wash of the lime green to outline the edges of the case piece. The corners the the divides between the drawers.

The swirls were homage to the polka dots but in a softer way.

The top got a little different accent with a 'Line Dot Dot" in purple then one in lime green.

AND the feet got a special treatment with a wash of Purple!

The girl was in with the mom and both grandmas to see it just before I finished it and she was SO excited she couldn't wait to take it home which they will be doing tomorrow.

It was a fun and rewarding project to do!!

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