Friday, May 13, 2011

AGED and AGE placemats

I had to try another non furniture painting project, place-mats.  

I got the place-mats at a thrift store for a dollar. There were 6 of them but they were stark white like blinding white.  I mixed up a pan of really hot water with a couple of tea bags and threw the place-mats in.  Yay, nice tan place-mats!

I am really loving the French influence lately so I thought I would put numbers on them.  I found a font I liked on line and enlarged them to the size I wanted.  Then I cut my own stencil with a little burning thingy ( I guess that would be an electric stencil cutter) from Hobby Lobby.  Worked pretty well I might add. 

Taped down the mat, then the stencil on top and used my brushes to add the paint.

 The 74 was a trial to see how the process would work.  

 Now for the explanation of the title of the blog. 

Well the first part is because I aged the place-mats with the tea.  The second part was that I used the ages of the people living in the house with me.
Here they are.....and.... I might have fudged on my age by a few...... well okay a lot of years. ;)  (Hey, don't judge I liked being 42 I think I will stay that age!)


  1. Very cute. And, your font really looks like an old French font. My post today shows flowers I took photos of on my last trip to France. You might enjoy. Go to

  2. I absolutely love them! Now that you have a vacant room, can I move in & play with you & your toys?

  3. That is a great idea. Numbers are so cool and I love the font style you used.

  4. You are so clever, love what you did, they look great. I am happy I found your wonderful blog! I'll be back!


  5. These are very cool placemats now that you've gotten creative with them. At our house, all we'd have to do is use them once and they'd have colorful and unique designs on them. This is, however, a great idea that I might want to steal for creative gift ideas. Thanks for posting.



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