Monday, October 24, 2011

My Painting Assistant

I want to share with everyone one of my awesome assistant.  Mr. Sensible came home with this one day. It has helped me out in my painting, especially when I have to paint chairs. 

photo(5)I am not sure what it was for but it goes up and down just like an office chair and swivels,  it is a triangle, so for a chair I have to put boards on it to fit the legs.  But now all I have to do is stand in one place the chair is at the prefect height for me, and I can swivel the chair to paint all sides.  It is the best!!



Here is is with a sneak peek at my next project.

I just wanted to share, if any of you run across one of these I suggest you pick it up.  It makes painting hard to reach places so much easier, no more crawling around on the floor or bending over.

Have a great week!!


  1. That would have been so handy for the dinning room chairs I just painted. Great Idea!

  2. That will work, and save your back! Thanks, I have something similiar but still find myself laying on the floor for those big pieces :(

  3. I like the new look of the blog
    Connie! Very nice! Great tips on how to make life easier!!


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