Monday, June 11, 2012

Ballards Bulletin Board

I got to redo my office and I had a BIG wall behind my desk I wanted a bulletin board on. 
I loved the Ballards one.  Found HERE.  I wanted the BIG one which was a whooping  219.00 dollars…I don’t think so!!

I happened to go into our local thrift store and found a large board that had been used for a little kids wooden train board.
Well it was just the size I wanted BIG.
The first thing I did was get some foam core at Hobby Lobby and glued it to the board.  IMG_0547 Then I used some real light weight batting (used to make quilts) and glued that down on top of the foam core.
I cut it a bit larger than the board so I could wrap it around to the back side.
IMG_0549 Went outside and used some of this heavy duty stuff… to stick the batting down.
IMG_0551 I sprayed one half laid the batting down on it and smoothed and pressed a bit to get it to stick,then turned it around and sprayed the other half repeating the smoothing and pressing.
I brought it back inside and cut a piece of burlap larger than the board and laid that down on my table then laid the board down on top of that. Batting side down.
Then I wrapped the burlap and the batting that was hanging over the edge to the backside of the board and stapled my little heart out.  All the way around and made nice smooth corners as well.IMG_0552
We then turned it over and added the nail head tacks I found at Hobby Lobby.
Measured around the outside and put a tack every 2”.  Nailed those in and hung it on the wall.
There she is all 32x48 inches of her.

Total cost was
               10.00 for the board
                4.00 for the foam core (I had my phone which always has a coupon on it for Hobby Lobby                 8.00 for the burlap and the batting I had on hand.
               22.00 instead of 219.00 (well theirs  is 34x55 just a tad bigger) not to shabby !!

I am very happy although I must admit if I had to do it again I would skip the batting regular pushpins won’t stay in.  But I do like the thickness of the look, so I use T pins and they work just fine.

 Have a great week.


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