Monday, December 10, 2012

 A wonderful transformation.....

This started out as two seperate sets of drawers.  They used to reside under a waterbed for extra storage.  Do you see it?  Two sets of three drawers.  We put them one on top of the other and by we I mean Mr. Sensible Redesign did that ;)

Maybe you can see it better here.  They were pretty much empty shells no top no bottom just drawers.  As I said the Mr. put them one on top of the other with his handy Kreg Jeg tool.  Then we needed a top and a bottom and a base.

That top needed a rather large trim piece to balance out the chunky fronts on those drawers so where the top edge is and where the bottom or floor of the piece is we added 1 1/2 inch trim board.  To the base Mr. SR added a base straight forward 1x6 on edge. 

If you remember they were black so all I had to do was repaint the shell and the added wood.  I also painted the drawer pulls Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Its a real convienent size it fits perfectly at the end of a King Size bed or it could be put under a bank of windows for a window seat OR it could hold that humungous TV your husband wants ;)

Took it to Treasures Resale Upscale Consigment Store It sold!!  Yay

Have a great week everyone..

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  1. Can I send Sherry's under bed drawers and have Mr. Sensible put them together for us??


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