Monday, March 4, 2013

Ombre Painting

Today I want to tell you about a chest of drawers we found on our trip to Nashville TN.

 Someone had a great time painting it different colors and then, I guess they needed to know where everything was located so they used marker to label the drawers.....Mr. Sensible did some serious sanding on this piece and then I primed it just to be sure nothing would show through.

I chose a paint sample strip from Sherwin Williams and got a sample pot at Home Depot of each of the 5 consecutive colors on the strip.

I painted the cabinet part of the chest with the darkest color and then procceded to paint the drawers from top to bottom with the different colors.  I started with the lightest on the top drawer and worked my way down. 
 The colors were:

Sherwin Williams 7064 Passive was the lightest
                           7065 Argos
                           7066 Gray Matter
                           7067 Cityscape
                           7068 Grizzly was the darkest

I added silver knobs to it instead of the wood ones it had on it.

I also painted a desk to match!  I know the picture doesn't look like it matches but it does.

All good ideas come from somewhere I have to credit my Sister-in-Law for the color combo she found it first.  Thanks "Sis"

Have a great week everyone :)

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  1. Hi Connie,
    Love the colour combos and the set is awesome! What a great job - I have yet to try the ombre painting - I will have to give it a go. Just a little tip for felt marker on painted furniture - I found the Mr. Clean Eraser takes it off - I had a little desk that suffered a similar fate and it scrubbed clean with the Mr. Clean eraser - no problem!
    Peggy @ The Painted Pear


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