Thursday, April 25, 2013

Butcher Block

We started with a huge butcher block top.  It was pretty well used.  Then we found 4 matching legs from the Habitat for Humanity Store in Atlanta.  Well we had all we needed to make an awesome island or two!

It started pretty much like this below.

 Mr. Sensible made the under part of the top with pine boards.  We made the drawer go all the way through so that you could access it from both sides.  You could also store extra long things like the large heavy duty Aluminum foil box.  Anyhow I digress......
The boards for the bottom shelf are from pallets.  Mr. Sensible made metal brackets to hold these in place.

 The next step was to get it to look somewhat like a Restoration Hardware piece.  I had a client that brought me a wonderful grey she had mixed that looked very much like the RH pieces.  I put that on then sanded the pine and the legs everything actually with really rough sandpaper 60 grit.  After that roughing up I put on the dark wax, and let it dry.  Buffed it when it was dry and added Oil Rubbed Bronze hardware to it.  Handles on both sides and hooks on both ends.

 We had so much butcher block that we made another one ;)  This one is bigger and has two drawers.

We also made the legs for this one out of 2x4's.

 Same details at the bottom with the metal brackets and the pallet wood for a shelf.  Same color scheme as well.


  1. Beautiful work and so creative!

  2. Oh wow....very pretty!! Love the details!!

  3. this is beautiful, what were the dimensions of the larger one? i want to try to make one just like that!


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