Thursday, March 21, 2013

Old Weathered Side Tables

Here is the finished look,

 Here they are before, already were pretty rustic so all I had to do was paint with Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint in Grain Sack.  It didn't flake off at all, which is what I read might happen.  So I sanded and distressed the dickens out of them and waxed them

Monday, March 18, 2013

Something to hold a sleek new Flat Screen

This cabinet was found in Nashville
 I liked that behind those center doors was a curved arch.  I thought it would make a great cabinet to house all the boxes and devices that you use with the Flat screen TV.  We took the doors off and filled the holes from the hinge screws.  I painted it black and sanded the edges to get the distressed look.  Being that the piece was pine it distresses really well.  I put some clear wax on it which darkens up the exposed wood and makes it all really pretty.

We added a shelf inside the arch and drilled two holes for all the cords that go along with all the devices that are needed to run the entertainment system..

Took it to Treasures and it didn't last long!  Yay

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oak Cart

We found 4 of these old rusted wheels when we were out in Nashville.  I just had to have them,  there was nothing else just the wheels......
 We had some rough sawn Oak from Mr. Sensible's brother.  So we thought perhaps we could build a cart.  ..........We cut the Oak to the right length for the top of the cart and I stained it with Walnut stain.
 There was some metal work to be done Mr. Sensible is taking care of that we wanted metal corners on it and of course we needed all the rods and what not to attach the wheels.

 Here it is all done. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Magnetic / Dry Erase Board

We found this panel from a bi-fold door at our local Habitat for Humanity Store.

 We bought some metal from Home Depot to cut and insert into the recessed areas of the door.

 Mr. Sensible made a holder for the markers in between the top and bottom panels.

Then I painted the door with some green and grey here and there and painted A.S. Chalk Paint in old white over the whole thing.  Sanding off some of the old white so the other colors can show through.  Then put on a clear wax.

It not only is a Magnetic Board but is also a Dry Erase board.  You can erase dry erase markers with Windex and a paper towel.  Who knew!!

Here you can see close up the colors and the cool magnets I found at our local Antique Mall.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Ombre Painting

Today I want to tell you about a chest of drawers we found on our trip to Nashville TN.

 Someone had a great time painting it different colors and then, I guess they needed to know where everything was located so they used marker to label the drawers.....Mr. Sensible did some serious sanding on this piece and then I primed it just to be sure nothing would show through.

I chose a paint sample strip from Sherwin Williams and got a sample pot at Home Depot of each of the 5 consecutive colors on the strip.

I painted the cabinet part of the chest with the darkest color and then procceded to paint the drawers from top to bottom with the different colors.  I started with the lightest on the top drawer and worked my way down. 
 The colors were:

Sherwin Williams 7064 Passive was the lightest
                           7065 Argos
                           7066 Gray Matter
                           7067 Cityscape
                           7068 Grizzly was the darkest

I added silver knobs to it instead of the wood ones it had on it.

I also painted a desk to match!  I know the picture doesn't look like it matches but it does.

All good ideas come from somewhere I have to credit my Sister-in-Law for the color combo she found it first.  Thanks "Sis"

Have a great week everyone :)

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