Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some odds and ends

This week has been very busy and not just with the shop and painting furniture. My mom has come to spend the winter with us. I have a new helper at the shop to paint the furniture with me, and I had some women from a church craft booth at the shop to learn how to paint the furniture.

Here are a couple of pieces that did manage to get done.

This is part of an old wardrobe closet. The poor piece practically fell apart. We still have the top and bottom waiting for inspiration to strike. It had two mirrored doors, one was damaged beyond repair. This is the other one as you can see in the above picture it also needed some love. ie: glue and a couple of clamps. We painted it off white and distressed it. I love the little keyhole on the one side.

We added glass knobs to it to make it more dainty. It sold very quickly.

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