Saturday, November 8, 2008

This one almost did me in

This set includes a hutch, 6 chairs and a table with a leaf. It is what we would call Blonde about 30 years ago. I think it is that old too. It is in very good shape though and the hutch has a light with two glass shelves.
As you can see below in the after picture,
we painted it yellow then distressed it a bit and glazed it.

In this picture above you can see the two back legs have already been painted yellow, it is actually not a very attractive color yellow when it is first painted kind of harsh. We didn't do anything to the top of the table. Unfortunately the colors didn't turn out very accurate it does actually all match. The color of the hutch is more of an accurate color than the after picture below of the table and chairs which is already out on the floor.
We found some awesome fabric at Hobby Lobby to recover the chair seats as well.
I do not believe I will be doing a large project such as this for a very long time, I can't even tell you how many hours I put in on it. I am glad it is done.
There are about 6 pieces in the back room waiting to be done, we have Lots of Ideas for each and everyone!! Can't wait.


  1. Mom! YAY! The big project is you can move on to more exciting things!

  2. I love the way that turned out. I bet it feels great to have the huge project done. Love the fabric from Hobby Lobby (one of my favorite spots!)


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