Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

It is a new year and we are starting off with a very nice piece.

It is a desk/bookcase. The wood on the piece doesn't match? Hmmm the top part with the leaded glass doors has a dark wood and the rest is much lighter. Then at the bottom the wood is darker again. Plus some of the "wood" isn't really wood at all! Needless to say it was on the floor for over 4 months and didn't sell.

Here is the finished piece. We painted it black distressed it then waxed it. I think it turned out really spectacular!

It has some interesting parts on it the leaded glass at the top is really very nice. Then the little round wooden handles or pulls I guess you would call them.

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  1. Connie-I love that in black. Can you do me a favor....could you aske Stacie to invite me to her blog. I miss checking in with her. My address is

    Thanks so much. She's knows me through my daughter Kayley.


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