Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring is just around the corner!

Last week I got some time to be creative. It was a real joy. I had a headboard, it was white. I forgot to take the picture before I painted it, Pink with Lime Green posts. That I do have a picture of ;)

I was stumped with what to do with it after that................then I had some inspiration. We received a girls bedding set. It was pink and lime green and had daisys on it.....ta da!! I was inspired..

To add a touch of whimsy I added a small daisy on the inside of the foot board so when the little person wakes up in the morning she can sit up and see this cute little daisy looking back at her.

Then to do the other side of the foot board. We realized that when the mattress is put on the bed the grass won't show all that much so we painted the grass on the foot board

When I was done the store decided that we needed some spring in the window and that is where it ended up. Spring is just around the corner after all.

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