Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yellow is a popular color!

We also did a yellow corner cabinet this week. I unfortunatly don't have a before picture of this but it turned out really well. It was a very light color, and it really wasn't wood it was just pressed boards. We painted it yellow and then distressed it. You never know how well the piece will distress, this piece went VERY well. as you can see in the pictures the exposed wood took the glaze very nicely and it sanded down really well too. I was really pleased.

We also did a set of 6 chairs, 4 regular chairs and 2 with arms. Painted you guessed it Yellow then no distressing because these didn't distress well at all. The exposed wood just wouldn't take the glaze. Anyway they were painted then glazed and we also changed out the fabric on the seats.

It is sitting next to the table we did the week before.

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  1. I have always love yellow. It's so warm and happy! I love those pieces!


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