Tuesday, March 16, 2010

From Old and Shabby to New Shabby Chic

This piece was brought in for me to paint. It is from 1913 seems like I am getting lots of very old furniture in to paint lately. Unfortunately this one had been painted more than once and then the last person put a glaze on top of it, not very well because it was rubbing right off.

It had this amazing mirror with it. The customer took the mirror off before they brought it to me so I was left wondering just where the mirror itself went into this piece. There were little brackets on the back to hold a mirror. I am guessing that the original mirror fit into the piece at the bottom because there is a space where one could rest. The mirror maybe even was curved. That mirror was lost, broken or discolored and the more recent owners just put a mirror on the back. Therefore I painted all the exposed wood so however the new mirror went in all would be covered.



Here is the vanity after a fresh coat of paint and some even distressing and then just a bit of colored wax to give it some character. I also suggested crystal knobs for the piece as it had miss matched knobs.

We took something that was very old and shabby and made it more uniformly Shabby Chic!


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