Thursday, September 30, 2010

Simply Fabulous Old Dining Set

 This group of furniture was donated to the store that I volunteer at.  It has been so long since I blogged that perhaps you have forgotten that I paint furniture for the store called Treasures Resale Consignments.  It is a non profit store so all the profits go to local charities.  A win win.  I can paint all the furniture I want cause there is a never ending supply!!  Sometimes it is truly amazing stuff like the pieces I am about to show you.

First we will start with the chairs
(there were 6 in total)
The original Chair
The chair started out being a rather orange color it was the wood with some disturbing orange stain over it.  Was not going to sell that way...

Here is a close up of the top of the chair.  It has some amazing detail as do all the pieces. 
Here you can better see the color I was mentioning.

We painted all of them Black. 

Then I distressed them. Usually I do this with a little hand held power sander. 
This time on the more delicate details I sanded by hand.

Once the sanding was completed we dust it off and put on a colored wax. 
The exposed wood takes on a really nice color from the wax. 

Here is a close up of the bottom of the chair, as I said lots of detail to this piece.

Here is the finished product.  It is still sporting the original mauve velvet seat that it came with.  We figured who ever bought it would like to pick the fabric themselves..
and hey pink and black aren't that bad together, right?

Now for the table here is the base isn't it amazing?  It is truly the most beautiful table base I have ever seen.The process was the same for the table as it was for the chairs. 

Painted black, distressed then waxed with the colored wax.  Here is the detail of the top of the table.

This is the base after is has been distressed.

This is the table and chairs finished.

Now for the piece de resistance!!

Here is the server that goes with the set!!  I have no words for how beautiful this piece is.  
Still it is in the orange stain and won't sell like that AT ALL!!
Here is a close up of the detail of this piece.
Again words do not due it justice if I do say so myself.  Unfortunately people this piece sold before I was even finished with it and the table and chairs sold to a different person within the first week.  
Good things do not last long at this store!!

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  1. Love this piece...the legs are the bomb. Thanks for coming by my little place!


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