Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My most recent project

My most recent project was for a client.  She had a buffet, and hutch from her mother that she wanted to use.  She also had an oak table with 6 chairs that were not of the same period.  She wanted to use them all together.

By painting them and treating them all to the same finish it brought a cohesive look to all pieces.

Here are the pictures.

Here is the Oak table with the 6 chairs

Here is the buffet definitely not Oak and much older

Here is the Hutch again not Oak and a much older piece.

I should mention that she had a piece of furniture in the next room that she really liked the look of, so we were trying to coordinate with it. 

Here are the after pictures

Here is the table with the six chairs

The buffet

The hutch

I have to say it has been my most challenging project to date.  We painted the pieces off white, then glazed with a medium tan, then put a clear coat over that.We then glazed them all with a custom mixed grey. Over all that I put a clear coat of wax, the horizontal surfaces got two coats of acrylic poly.

The client was very pleased.  She said that the furniture has now been brought into the 21st century and she will be proud to use it for many more years.

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