Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Zebra Anyone?

Zebra dresser
 I don't have before pictures of  these two pieces.  Let me tell you about them though.  When they came in they were painted in a yellow gold color and the drawers had wallpaper on them.  Not a bad idea but it was old and coming off in spots.  I painted the outsides of the pieces black then painted the drawers white.  After that was dry I added the Zebra stripes.  The knobs were round wood so I painted them black as well. 

Zebra Desk

Picture of the Shop front with the Zebra furniture in the window.
I just love it when my pieces make it into the window.  It means they really like them ;)  I did these over the summer and thought a young tween would think they were cool.  Which they did......  both are sold.  I know one went to a college dorm ( not so tween after all)  not sure where the other one went but they are both sold.  Yay

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