Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm seeing Polka Dots

Here is the before of the chest of drawers

This is an unusual couple of pieces probably from the 60's or 70's.  I didn't get a picture of the dresser before but it is basically the same thing.  The bottom drawers have ridges at the bottom of the drawer to put your fingers and pull the drawer out. 

Random Dots!

As you can see they turned out really cute.  The owner of the store really likes things "funky" and that is what she got.  The top of the larger piece is still wet on top with the Poly.  For the drawers with knobs we painted them white and you can barely find them.

We wanted them to coordinate with a couch we were having reupholstered for the store.  Pictured here.  We had to take the old upholstery off before we could paint it.  It was painted black and then distressed.  Turned out beautiful. 

The couch as you can see is from a little bit different time period for starters.  But it has some beautiful detail as you can see from the first picture.  There is a piece of carving that goes at the top of the back in the center, you will see that in the after picture.

Here is the after 

Bet you were not expecting that!  you can see the black painted wood and the distressing.  Also the top center piece that was not on in the original picture.  You can see the Polka Dot chest in the way back of this picture.

As always I was delighted because the pieces made it into the window of the store!

Treasures Resale Consignment store, Roswell, Ga

Note the black and white chairs she put with it.  She likes these so much she won't even sell them.

If you are in the Roswell, Ga area please stop in and see my work.


  1. Very cool Connie...I LOVE it!!!!!!

  2. in LOVE with the polka dot sofa!! so cute!

  3. How precious! I just love the polka dots. The reupholstered sofa is rad!

  4. Wow the couch is to die for! Lovely work! Scarlett x


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