Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy New Year

2011 is upon us and I have started the new year with a wonderful piece that was donated to the store.

 As you can see someone had started to "fix" its personality.  I usually don't do this cause I think a few dings gouges etc adds character.  Anyhow, I sanded down the wood putty areas and got started.

 It has lots of really pretty detail and I wanted to enhance that part of the piece.  I used a color from Home Depot Behr paints called Verdigris.  It is the softest blue color and seems to be really popular with our customers.

 I distressed the piece slightly,  with 120 grit sand paper.  Doing the sanding by hand on the details of the piece but using the "Mouse" sander on the edges.  Then I used the colored Wax we have and rubbed it lightly all over the piece to give it just a bit of a toned down look kind of old and worn.

 I didn't do anything to the hardware it was all in really good shape and was original to the piece. 
 After buffing it out we put it on the floor of the store to sell. 

Hope you enjoy looking at the piece and how it was done.

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