Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Little White Bedroom Set

This is a story about the white bedroom set.  It started out as my clients furniture when she was a little girl.  Her family kept it and she inherited it when she had a little girl of her own.  Here are the before pictures.  The first two are accurate as to the color don't know what happened to the color of the last picture.

The tops of the headboard and nightstand needed lots of sanding, the headboard also needed lots of glue.  Poor thing all of its joints had just given up.  We could hardly pick it up with out part of it falling off.  That was not a problem though it all glued back together just fine.  

The little girl that was to have the bed decided it should be nice and clean and white.  So here it is.......

Nice and crisp looking,  used the original hardware and I am liking the look!

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  1. isn't it amazing what white paint can do? it looks ten billion times better!

  2. love. this makes me want to refinish and paint something in my house... hmmm.. maybe our dresser...

  3. It's so amazing what a little paint can do - they look great!


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