Friday, April 1, 2011

Donated Part 1 The Base and Crown

This blog is about a donated piece that wasn't all there.  It was a really old armoire, unfortunately not all the pieces were there.  So we took what we could of it and made other things , A "Redesign"  if you will.

 Here is the top and the bottom of the piece.  Which is what we will be working with today.

First the bottom, my coworker is wonderful with wood, he made a flat top for it, then we bought foam and batting a wrapped all of that with the fabric. He painted the wood part white, and attached the upholstered top to the base. The scroll part is a drawer which adds storage and is  pretty cool.

Next for the top of the piece.  We decided to make it an architectural element easy peasy if you have the right person to do the job.  He cut off the behind the scenes parts and all that was left was the front of the piece.  Painted white and distressed it now can hang on the wall or over a doorway.  Beautiful!


  1. You are always so sweet to come by and leave me notes. I love that. This piece is just so amazing. I love what you did! This was a true treasure.


  2. that arched piece would look amazing over a door way! love how the bench turned out... the drawer was a brilliant addition!

  3. Wow! I love that arched piece! What a find! I may have to become a follower. I can sense a kindred spirit in an instant. I found on Savvy's Wow Us Wed.

  4. These are gorgeous!! So wish I lived closer so I could shop this awesome little store!! I love everything yall put together there. Great Job!!

    jenny @ Faith&Pearl

  5. oh my, I love these pieces...i love that bench and would so much like a door topper like that one. I am putting you on my sidebar so I can keep tabs on your projects!


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