Friday, June 10, 2011

Chairs to match the Table

I have a client that has a wonderful table with 6 chairs.  Unfortunately the chairs are black and she wanted them to match the table base.

Here is the Table base:

I am trying to match a white to the existing white.  We picked Dover White from Behr.

Here is a picture of the Chairs:

First I had to paint them red, (two coats)  note the back legs almost forgot to take a before picture.  Then I had to paint them white (two coats again).

Then they needed to be distressed did you notice the table base?  Here it is again.

THAT is a different type of distressing than I am used to doing.  I was a little nervous doing this, of course I could only distress down to the red paint not the black...........  whew... it was stressful. Oh they also needed a colored wax on them to tone down the white a bit to match the table base.

Finished Product. 

With the cushions on they looked really nice.


  1. You did a beautiful job. Custom orders can be very stressful!

  2. The chairs are darling and that table is wonderful! :)

  3. Looks like you were up to the challenge! Great job.

  4. Looks like the chairs match perfectly! don't you love a challenge?

  5. Perfection!!!! I think you did an amazing job!

  6. great job matching up the distressing! I know that feels good to be done...and done so well! :)

    hope you had a great weekend!


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