Monday, August 15, 2011

Cubbie Desk with Chalk Paint

This was an awesome find at a garage sale.

 It is also another trip into Chalk Paint Land.  I am really pleased with the way it sands off.  It looks so nice.  

Its pretty straight forward paint job.  I painted it Anne Slones Antique White Paint, sanded it off with a sponge block sander very gently.  I say gently because it comes off really easy compared to the latex that I have been used to using, so be careful.  I also changed out the handles to knobs that I got on sale at Restoration Hardware, which I think made the desk look much more dainty.

I put this in the store and it was a HOT item and sold in two days.  We of course are looking for more like it but they are hard to find.  
Aren't I fancy, I figured out how to add my blog name onto the photo!  
Hope you all have a great week!

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  1. Looks fabulous! I'm not surprised it sold in a few days.


  2. You are too cute! Good work on putting your name on your pictures! xoxo

  3. Amazing what you can find at a garage sale. What some people get rid of astonishes me! It's a lovely little piece.

  4. so beautiful! where do i find this chalk paint stuff? i found a little bedside table at a yard sale last weekend that i want to try painting... dang... i wish we lived closer... i'd have you give me lessons:)

  5. Hey that is fancy! Love the desk, I saw a cute drop front desk at the auction last night. They are great for hallways and apartments!! Yours came out perfect!


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