Monday, January 16, 2012

Our Little "Picking" Trip

Our story begins with when the Mr. and I  wanted to take a vacation to the Florida Panhandle in November.  It is only  6 hours from us here in Atlanta. Mr. Sensible had an idea! (I swear it was his) We could take the trailer and go through all the little towns along the way and stop at Goodwill's and thrift stores looking for furniture.

Thinking that in the smaller towns we might have better luck finding interesting pieces and better prices. What we really found is that its not so much where you look, but being in the right place at the right time. AND the prices are pretty much the same all over.

So instead of taking 6 hours to get there it took 2 days.  It was fun and let me tell you that new iphone 4s came in handy as a navigator, and in finding thrift stores in the towns we went through.  I thought I had done my homework on the internet before we left and had quite a list of places to stop at, but some had closed or moved so we needed alternates.
This is what we looked like traveling down the highways and byways.  Let me tell you that 16' trailer was no picnic in those small towns and their narrow streets. Remember that it was HIS idea.

We rented a house on St. George Island so we had a place to park the trailer and go out without it once we got there.
Cause we had to go out while we were there.  Let me tell you Panama City has a great little map and all 5 of the Goodwill's in town are listed on it!!
We did really well in Panama City!

Thus begins my next few blogs about what we found and how I painted them.

And just so you don't think picking is all we did on vacation here are a couple of other pictures.
Fun times ;)

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  1. Connie, that is something I will do someday with my hubby. How much fun was that?? Fantastic!


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