Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Stab at Annie Sloans Paris Grey

Hello Everyone, and Happy New Year 2012!!

I know I have been missing in action for a few 6 weeks.  We have been very busy here in Atlanta.  My mom who had been living with us decided we were a little too boring, and after staying in an independent living place while the Mr. and I went on a scavenger hunt vacation to Florida she decided to stay!  That was the week before Thanksgiving and she was moved in by Dec. 2!  Did I mention she is 94,  she is loving her new space, and activities and people to interact with.

Then it was Christmas and the time just seemed to fly by.  Although I was not idle those weeks.  We painted almost all the furniture we brought back from our trip and you will be seeing those pieces in the near future.

Mean while here is one I finished a while back.

I got a shipment of Annie Sloans Paint.  This one has Paris Grey in it.  I found a bookcase at the thrift store that I thought would be a good item to try the Paris Grey on.  I unfortunately don’t have a before picture.  I am always so eager to start a project I completely forget to take picture.  Another excuse reason is my camera is acting up and most of the pictures are not that great.  (Thats my story and I'm sticking to it!) 

Her is the after of my bookcase. 

Did I mention my camera sucks….. I am beginning to believe all of Annie Sloans paints have a blue base.  All of my projects seem to come out looking rather blue…( I have since found some new colors that are really nice and do not have a blue cast to them.... guess it just takes some trial and error.

This piece again was rather blue so I added some dark wax over it.  Then distressed it as well.  Its a rather beachy look and does. not. sell.  where I am located in Atlanta…hmm no one wants the blue grey yet.   Although I am told by my local Antique Mall that it sells quite well there.
I will be working on the camera issue for future posts,  that does not mean that I  will remeber to  jump up and take those before pictures though.  They should make a camera that screams at me before I start a project "you forgot to use ME!!". They have not developed a camera like that, although it probably isn’t that far off.. I mean Siri does talk to me,  perhaps I could convince her to keep an eye on me.  Probably not, we are in a love hate relationship right now..;)

Have a Great week!


  1. I am glad your mother is happy and that you have peace of mind knowing she is well taken care of!
    Funny thing about Annie Sloan Paris Grey, it is such a HAPPY grey! I love the bookcase!


  2. That looks great. Yes, Paris Gray has a lot of blue to it. I have a few things I want to paint or repaint. Look forward to seeing your other goodies.

  3. HI Connie, Glad to see you back~also glad to hear your mom likes the assisted living place better than your house, just cuz some old ladies don't seem to be able to transition to the assisted living, so it is marvelous! My elderly neighbor is glass half empty and hating every minute, which is too bad, because the place has a lot to offer her if she would just try to get involved.
    Ok, the bookcase has the belgian look that is so popular, also that coastal vibe of driftwood, both popular around Boston! Nice job.


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