Monday, February 18, 2013

Old Chippy Door

So we found this door at a Door Warehouse in downtown Atlanta.  It didn't have any glass, BUT it did have this wonderful green chippy paint on it.  Winning!

Mr. Sensible began by adding what was soon to be a bench onto the front of it.  Also added arms and a space underneath for baskets or boots.

 I began by painting it lots of colors then distressing the bench part and adding a glaze to make it look old and worn like the door.  We also added chicken wire to the door where the glass used to be.

 I had purchased these cute little hooks about a year ago when I was redoing my office.  I never used them but thought they looked rather cute on the door for your hats or coats to hang from.

 We added clothes pins to hold things onto the wire.


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  2. Another fine job from the of you. Looks great


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