Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Furniture for a College Girl

This blog is about some furniture I was asked to paint for a girl who was on her way to college for the first time.  Mom was trying to make the room very cottage chic on a budget.  Just what I like to hear, its what I specialize in. 

 First we took an old dresser painted it white and added new pulls from Hobby Lobby.  The pulls were iron so I sprayed them first with a spray primer because Latex paint and iron don't mix.  I believe there would be rust involved. After the spray paint dried I painted them with the paint I painted the dresser with.  Two coats..... then distressed a bit.

Next came a mirror to go over the top,  It was plastic so painting a distressing just would not do, nothing like sanding down to plastic, not real attractive.  I painted it brown first then painted it Anne Sloans Old White Chalk Paint.  Distressed it very gently so we would go down just to the brown paint.  Worked like a charm  It only took 3 attempts to get it to match the dresser.

 Here is the chair she chose to use

 I painted it white and distressed it.  I also reupholstered the seat to go with her color scheme.

 Here is the table she picked to use as a desk.

 I painted it a custom color she had mixed to match a door knob she found a Michaels as her inspiration piece.  I distressed it as well and used a dark wax on it.

Was in such a hurry to deliver that I didn't get a shot of the finished table. 

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