Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pottery Barn Lamp knock off

I wanted a Pottery Barn Lamp SO Bad.... but I could not justify the cost.  So  I moped around and shopped other stores to no avail.  could. not. find.

 this one...

 One night when I was up at 3am not being able to sleep, I saw this lantern by my fireplace.   Hmm I thought to myself I had the makings all along!
 I took it to Mr. Sensible and asked " Do you see what I see?"  He says " Do I see a lamp?"  I replied "why yes you are right sir"

Then we began taking it apart and doing some "Redesigning"

We needed to cut a hole in the base to thread the cord through.

 Then we needed to cut the little top off and drill a hole in it so we could attach the socket and harp for the shade.

 We bought a socket kit at Lowes and attached it to the top.  I then Spray painted it Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Then we put the glass back on the base and threaded the electrical cord up through the base into the socket.

Clear cord so it wouldn't show to much through the glass.

 I found this awesome lamp shade at a closeout sale at Kirklands 4 bucks wining!!  Its burlap and just the right size.

 So happy with my "find" right in my own house!


  1. KUDOS to you Connie!!! Your lamp is a great knock off and it was almost free!
    I'd love you to share this great DYI at TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS, my weekly linky party. Links go live every Wednesday at 8:00. Hope you join in!

  2. It turned out better than the high-dollar one. It has more character and it doesn't look like a jar w/ a shade on top. Nice job. I LOVE it!


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