Thursday, November 21, 2013

The undercounter Fridge died

 This is a blog mostly about Mr. Sensible and his talent.  We have a friend who had an under counter Refrigerator that quit and she didn't want another one put in.  What she really wanted was a big cabinet that she could stand up some platters and cookie sheets.  

 It really was a bit tricky being that the cabinet on the right was the original cabinets.  The ones to the left of the opening were added at a later date.  They also had been glazed I don't believe at the same time as you can see they don't really match.
Here is the case piece Mr. Sensible built after careful measurements.

Here is the door he made out of MDF routing it to match as best he could the other cabinet doors.

Once these pieces were finished I painted them white and glazed the door.

Our friend bought a knob that matched the rest of the kitchen,  we delivered the cabinet piece and slid it into place. 

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