Monday, January 13, 2014

Small Scale French Armoire

 Check out this little number!!  We found it in South Georgia.  Some little girl had it I'm sure.  Just guessing cause of the Aqua shinny fabric with sequins on it in the opening of the door.  The other insert was there just not attached.  Someone had cut out the inside of the upper part.  We think it was drawers by the looks of the inside parts that were left.  Mr. Sensible took part in a major Redesign of the interior.  We also got rid of the Aqua fabric ;)

 We put burlap over the inserts instead of the shinny Aqua fabric.  Painted it my favorite color Sherwin Williams Crisp Linen.

 Here was Mr. Sensible's handy work,  We added a back of course and took out the mess that was inside and added a shelf.


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