Monday, April 25, 2011

Furniture is not all that I do.....

If perchance you thought that redesigning furniture is all I do, you would be wrong...

I have clients with needs and I try to meet them.  Here is a very interesting problem a old umbrella stand.  The client had it in her house and the cats took exception to it.  She tried to clean the mess off  if you know what I mean, and the paint came off..... not surprising.  "Please can you fix it for me?"  Of course I can try...He is made out of metal with the umbrella part in the back.



I believe he will pass inspection... The client says he is a poodle, don't quite see it myself, my daughter says he is rather creepy and please get him out of the house... I kind of have to agree with her...and the cats ;)


  1. Hahhahahah! He IS creepy. Cute post!

  2. Hi, Connie, nice to meet you today! Great job on your furniture painting. I scrolled down to see what you've been working on.
    You're right about this piece, it's a little strange! :)

  3. diddo with stacie... totally creepy.


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