Monday, April 11, 2011

The Purse Experience

This is a bit different for me but I have been so inspired by all you bloggers out there and all of the different things that you do, I had to try some different things of my own.  So here is the purse experience.....

I bought the purse at Hobby Lobby  it was nice burlap two toned. I chose a graphic so sorry can't remember where I got it now...If any one knows please let me know in the comments.  Then  printed it out on transfer paper I changed the font color from black to a dark brown to go with the bag colors and got ready to iron it onto the purse..

I pressed really hard........ at this point my daughter came home and was watching so I suggested she grab the camera for me and take some pictures for my blog, you know...

I was so happy with the look of it when I started pealing it off so proud of myself.  Daughter was still shooting pictures.....

I am surprised she got this picture without it being blurry... We were both laughing so hard cause the purse was  glued stuck to the ironing board!!  The inside of the purse had a plastic coating on the back of the burlap, I guess to hold the burlap together and give the purse some shape.  Well when I was pressing so hard to get the transfer to stick.... it was melting!  The plastic melted right onto the ironing board cover!!  Took some real tugging to get that sucker off!

End result was really cute.  Took it to the store and consigned it..   SOLD !  Was a fun experience!  Lesson learned, Hobby Lobby had another sale and bought another purse!  Going to give it another try!

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  1. very nice. I do have a thing about birdies!!! Thanks for coming by. new follower!

  2. I LOVE THIS!!! so adorable! love that bird transfer!

  3. Very pretty - I could just see you & Stacie trying to peel the purse off the ironing board!! Great job.

  4. Love it! Funny experience but with a cool result.


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