Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My First Attempt at Chalk Paint

I have joined the Chalk Paint Brigade my order arrived yesterday.  I had a Jewelry case I got from a garage sale last week.  I thought I would give the paint a try on this jewelry case.  Not an easy thing to paint, probably should have thought that through a little bit more...  It was not a quality piece by any means so I thought no problem.  It's interior and drawers had mauve/pink fuzzy lining so my options were white or black.  I figured white since its summer and everyone is doing cottage colors.  I apparently don't have a before picture, that happens a lot I am so excited to start painting I forget the picture.  It was a medium oak pressed board - cheap if you know what I mean.

Here she is....  I found that the paint went on rather thin not very good coverage, of course with all the drawers and side doors and top opening it was hard to paint anyhow.  The second coat went on better and I let it go at 2 coats.  Still not real impressed, perhaps that is because it was white, the coverage wasn't as good.  That happens with almost all the whites I use except the Behr paint with primer. 

My opinion changed greatly when I started working on it.  The distressing was amazing.  I used a fine sponge sanding block.  Just gently rubbing and the paint came off like magic.  So different from the Latex paint I have been using.  Then I used the sanding block on the flat surfaces not so much to distress but to just smooth it down.  Let me tell you it felt like glass after just lightly going over the surface.  That was really nice and somehow unexpected.  I put a clear wax on it and buffed it out and called it a day.  

 I painted the knobs and all the hinges as well. The paint stuck to those really well too!  I hit the knobs with the sanding block just a bit and they distressed great too.

It was a very interesting start to my chalk paint experience.  Stay tuned for more to come!

Hope you are having a great day,

UPDATE:  I took it the the store. Treasures Resale Consignment Store in Roswell, Ga and it sold the second day it was there!  I was surprised to say the least, I really didn't think it would be a popular item.
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  1. Chalk paint takes a little time to get use to, I can't wait to see what you do next. Stop by for a blog visit, I just completed a CP project :)

  2. Yes chalk paint is its own animal isn't it?! I love how your project turned out!

  3. My grandma left a jewelry box to me very similar to that. You've inspired me to update it! I have a little blog party called Simply Creative over at I'd love it if you linked this project up!!


  4. i have a similar one and i want to paint mine too. i think i will use the chalk paint too. yours looks great....

    hugs, cindy

  5. I haven't jumped on the chalk paint bandwagon yet, but I love hearing everyone's experiences with it. This piece looks great!

  6. Thanks for partying with me this week over at 365 days 2 simplicity's Simply Creative blog party. I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  7. What price did you sell it for??


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