Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Polka Dots Again

There is something about Polka dots that just says Happy!

I have done Polka Dots in the past  here .

A client actually wanted this from the above post minus the wet poly on the top :/  It was too big for her space. 
She waited a few months till we got a piece of furniture that would work in her space and would take.... to having polka dots all over it......

This is what she found.

This is what we did with it.

They could be a matched set!!!

Not real exciting but the client was happy...

Which makes me a happy girl indeed!


  1. Perfect! It will most definitely be a piece that none of her friends can say they have. I love to see unique items in a home.

  2. Well how cute. Was wondering how you did the polka dots?


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