Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mirror to Match the first one!

This wonderful client of mine has had me paint of few things for her.  It has always been a joy.  She brought me a new piece to paint. She wanted it to match the previous mirror I had painted for her.  You can see it here.  That mirror turned out just lovely.  This one will too, only one small difference.  
The first one started out a dark cherry/mahogany,  this one was Not

It started out a bit differently.  painted and distressed with a dark glaze.  It was never the dark cherry/mahogany that the first one was. Hmmmmm...  

As you can see... I was so ready to start the project I almost forgot to get any before shots.  As you can also tell I started by painting it black.  That was the somewhat easy part.  Although all those curls and openings did give me some trouble.  

The issue was how was I going to make it look distressed with the cherry/mahogany look showing through which is what the first one had.  

Nothing to show through here folks.  
Nothing here that was goint to show through as pretty.  
So I used my Rub n Buff.  3 different colors of it. 
I used Antique Gold, Spanish Copper, and Ruby.  

I smushed (yes that is a word) a bunch of all 3 onto a scrap of wood and mixed them together. 

Then using a small piece of an old sweatshirt, I dabbed it into the puddle of Rub and Buff and then dabbed some off, kind of like stenciling cause you  don't want too much on the cloth.  (you don't want it on your hand either cause it is an oily wax and won't come off with water). Then rubbed it onto the high spots of the mirror. 

When it dried I.......... wait for it.......you guessed it,  
I buffed them!!  

First Mirror 

Second Mirror

I could not get a decent picture of the whole mirror,  without getting some really odd things reflecting in the mirror (see the first mirror and my reflections).  Anyhow the edges are highlighted with a warm red/brown and mimic the first mirror pretty well.  

The client picked up the mirror and was very pleased.  

I must say SO was I!!

Have a great week everyone!!

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  1. Connie, this mirror came out fantastic! One would never know it wasn't mahogany!! I once worked in a clients home doing draperies for a billiards room, and the entire room was paneled in faux painted mahogany~it was incredible and so realistic!

  2. Looks great and I love Rub n Buff, but I do usually use my fingers. It washes off with soap and water. Haven't tried the Ruby. May have to go get some.

  3. Oh my Kim, Maybe I never used soap when trying to get that Rub n Buff off!! oops!

  4. Both mirrors are beautiful! Love your innovation in using the rub 'n buff.

  5. WOW! those mirrors look fantastic and so so rich! beautiful job!

  6. Beautiful! Going to have to try rub 'n buff, cuz these look great!

  7. You're very welcome to link up this one to my new linky party here - http://ivanna.blog.com/linkparty01/ . It has already started. Make yourself at home :).

  8. Looks great! I'm going to have to try some of that stuff~

  9. These look fabulous and the rub and buff really add that special sparkle, doesn't It.

    Thank you for joining the Potpourri Friday Party! I appreciate you!

  10. Awesome mirrors. Very nicely done.


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