Friday, February 24, 2012

Small Foyer Table

I found this table at a new consignment store close to me.... there wasn't anything wrong with it but I thought it could use a bit of my new Anne Sloans Chalk Paint in Coco...

It had some great detail as you can see on the legs.  I painted it Coco and then thought I would be real creative and stencil something on the top of it..

I used a real light touch and added purple in the stencil on the top.

I thought it added something......

Then I distressed it, and put on clear and dark wax.  I must say I love the color.

Then I took it to Treasures Consignment store where I volunteer and put it up for sale.   It sold alright but can you guess what she wanted.....? 

Yup "Can you paint over that stencil on the top so it all looks the same?"  Sure no problem.  So much for trying something new or adding a creative touch...

Bitter no not me just want to please the customer that's what its all about in the end.

Have a great week.


  1. haha! thats funny. go for the extra and then it has to be undone. argh. but at least that customer had the vision to see it her way and ask if it could be done. I am loving that coco color too. haven't tried it~yet!

  2. I love the color! I just painted my dining room and have some extra paint... I think I might try it on a table that I have.


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