Monday, February 27, 2012

Low Chest from the Low Country

Here is another of our finds.  This one was in really nice condition no repairs needed.

Has a nice bow front on it.  I had to change out the hardware.  Some simple wood knobs did the trick. We tried sanding down the drawer fronts they are narrow pieces of wood glued together and two of the drawers came out beautiful, one came out green.  It was ugly and there was no fixing  We did sand the top and put a provincial stain on it.

I painted it ASCP in Paris Grey.  Then waxed it with clear and dark wax.

I added a bit of paper to the inside of the drawers......

I have to confess it has been at the store for almost 3 months and has not sold.  They told me at the store it was not a very good color choice.  Too blah

What do you all think?

What color should it be cause I am bringing it home and doing it over......

Help Please.......


  1. I painted a similar chest in turquoise.

  2. It's a beautiful chest! Right now, I'm in a white mode, but maybe a sunflower yellow?

  3. the color :o)
    Have a great week!

  4. I don't understand why this cute piece hasn't sold. Maybe you could dry brush some white on it to lighten it up. I have trouble selling gray in my booth, but I keep trying.


  5. I love the colour!! It's hard to figure what will sell - this is really nice but if I was to repaint it - I would try pale turquoise.

  6. I think white or blue. I think those are the most popular and easy to move...well I thought it was gorgeous and sophisticated looking! Go figure~

  7. I think it's precious! For the right person it will be perfect. After might change the color. Would be darlin duck egg blue or provence. When Miss Mustard Seed gets her new milk paint line out you could try "Tricycle"...her red! would be amazing! do an amazing job!


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